Month: July 2016

Sex Store/Shop vs Erotic Boutique

Sex Store/Shop vs Erotic Boutique

More often than not, people associate the purchase of a sex toy (known as Sex Gadgets at Erotic with a feeling that is less than positive.  This is likely to be more pronounced in women than in men as there is this belief that the stereo typical person who goes to a sex store or buys online is likely seen as trashy.  But the same can be said about the purchase of intimate apparel and the feeling and emotions it is likely to foster in any person.  Purchases of sex toys at a sex store location are consummated primarily by the male gender while online purchases have grown to be rather even between both genders.  Compare this to an Erotic Boutique where women are more likely to be the primary buyers whether online or the typical brick and mortar store.  The difference primarily stems from not only the products but the overall ambiance that the store or online shop provides to the buyer.

For example, take the online store and compare that to most other online stores and you will see an instant difference.  The over all feel of the site makes one feel good and sexy.  Even their categories are alluring and inviting if not tantalizing in their creation.  Compare that to other regular online stores that provide immediately bombard the customer with dildos, wands, and other assorted gadgets that make even the most sexually aware self conscious about the prospects of their purchase.  Go a little further and you will find standard categories such as her, him, couple on these regular sites versus Her Pleasure Chest, Man Cave, and Lovers Play, as examples.  Navigating through the pages of a regular online sex store or sex retail store aisle is customarily followed by an even greater assortment of apparatuses that can be used for insertion or masturbation.  In contrast, the Erotic Boutique is filled with sexual notes, innuendos, and flirtatious statements that provide for an enticingly sexually charged ambiance as illustrated so well in the website.

While both the Sex Store/Shop and the Erotic Boutique may contain some of the same essential products, the Erotic Boutique excels in the way they are presented.  Take the as illustrated in most online stores compared to how illustrates their Womanizer selection concisely yet classy without clutter or other product overflow.  Additionally, the Erotic Boutique customarily carries products that provide a level of higher sexual self awareness and uplifting feelings.  An example of these types of products can be found in website that includes categories for Hersexories, Her Sexy Clothing, Lingerie, and Her Sexy Bottoms.   Navigating deeper into the sites sub categories you will find Intimate Jewelry that is non piercing, seductive, sexually arousing, all the while concealed and out of view except for whom you choose to show it to.  These products are by no means exclusive to women as is evident from, Spice Men category that includes a category for His Sexories and which contains a complete line of erotic Genital Jewelry for him.

So the next time you shop for sexy clothing, adult novelties, or adult party supplies, just think of how you feel as you stroll through the store or navigate through the site.  If the feeling you get from your surrounding makes you feel cheap or bombarded with products and sales you are in a store vs if you feel good, enticed to see more, intrigued, and/ or just plan sexy chances are you are in a boutique and will likely buy a special something for you and/or your significant other.