About Us

About Us

Erotic Elation defines who we are.   Erotic is defined as; devoted to, or tending to arouse sexual love/ desire or strongly marked or affected by sexual desire and elation is defined as:  the quality or state of being elated (1).  Synonyms for Elation include: cloud nine, ecstasy, euphoria, exhilaration, heaven, high, intoxication, paradise followed by Elation as a pathological euphoria sometimes accompanied by intense pleasure (1).   

Therefore, Erotic Elation is a company devoted to arousing sexual love and desire in people that leads to intense if not euphoric pleasure.  Our aim is to provide products that enhance the intimate experience, provide quality products, and encourage responsible sexual exploration that will provide an avenue to true orgasmic satisfaction.  



Dedicated to awakening the eroticism in every person through erotic clothing, accessories, tools, and knowledge.



Transforming the lives of our customers by providing the best sexual tools to all sexy people.


Our Goal

To provide the avenue to Erotic Elation, adventures, fantasies, and desires.



Eroticisms, Sexy, Fun, Safe, Honesty, Integrity